Project 1 Self Quantification

Jia Zhang
2 min readSep 9, 2022


What is you have always wanted to know about yourself?

Collect data on any aspect of your daily experience for 7+ consecutive days. Explore your data, what did you learn? Present your insights visually.

For this project, you can use any collection and visualization method you choose. You can collect via apps, mine your emails, take pictures, write notes by hand, and visualize using anything from excel, to video, to watercolors.

The objective of this project is for you to familiarize yourself with the process of collecting data, understanding it, and presenting it to an audience.

*Please pick a topic that you are willing to share with the class.


9/9 Week 1

9/16 Week 2
In class discussion on ideas, progress.
No submission required.

9/23 Week 3
Initial Sketches — sketch at least 3 possibilities for visualizing your data.
Upload all 3 or more to courseworks.

9/30 Week 4
Present briefly to class on your data, process, and final iteration.
Upload your final visualization to courseworks.


Past student topics:
habits of my neighbor, my quarantine, where my cat is throughout the day, what I ate, what I ordered, my emails each weekday, how far I walked, my bike tripes, what color is everyone wearing in studio, where my friends text me from, how long I speak to my girlfriend, my mood and the weather, my sleeping habits related to computer use, and more!

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